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Angry cat litter

Will the cat be angry? What is the performance of the angry? Is you roaring you or catch you, or turn away?

Sometimes feel that the two will be angry at night. In the sleep, they will be awakened by the sound of their cat litter. The kind of special exaggeration, especially the strong plane, claws and sand friction sound. Wake up in the morning, will see a lot of cat litter is to the outside of the cat toilet, the individual time the ball will be thrown out. Who is this rivalry?

I guess there are several possibilities. One can not eat good, such as holding the gray accounted for less cheap, the less ash to share the grab; the second is not hugged into the bed to sleep, most of the reasons he came late, I have been the first to fall asleep , He did not wake me; three is two ya fight up, before going to sleep at night, they always want to fall wrestling, the beginning seems to be a joke, but later played with a really anxious, The children are always the same; four is the national football and lost. They look at me off the TV when the face is wrong, just follow me angry, and then run the toilet to vent. In short, there must be reason.

The cat seems to like to use the toilet to express their emotions. Three and three gray and just arrived at my house, I made passionate, bought two cartoon cat nest, want them one to sleep one. Did not expect three or three life and death do not go in, it touches the gray to the two fence sleep over and over again. The next morning, I found a cat in the foot of a cat feces. Because I did not catch the current, I do not know who did it, then the ideological and educational communication will not be able to start. And later to the two of them the owner of the phone, people knocked Pakistan did not fight to ask you offended? I recalled the cat nest after the incident, the other made a positive judgment: is three or three dry. Want to let three three sleep cat nest, no door.

Three three later has been to go to bed, as now hug. Of course, there was nothing to happen to pull the feces everywhere.

With this lesson, then I clean up the cat litter, when you see the cat feces did not pull in the sand, but pull the door in the toilet when the first reaction is serious reflection, is not what I do wrong The

Now cat litter, mostly bentonite. There are crystal cat litter, do not clean up, a few days thrown on the line, can not plan, and two can love it? Also expensive I'll stick with bentonite. But no matter what brand, there are shortcomings, or no knot, or dust. With a shovel when the clean-up is always dusty dust, two night when the catharsis, it is even more serious. This brings a consequence, that is, there is always dust at home. To other people's time, I also specifically examine people's cat sand basin, to see how to deal with the results found that people are more diligent than me, one day two rub, weekly cleaning. Look, or rely on myself.

People are not simmering, the cat is the same, people put themselves in the cat toilet in anger, did not drop your cup did not pinch your arm, read it. What is afraid of habit, a long time, I was on the two angry angry behavior of cat litter fully adapted to the night was awakened


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