Green pet care

Super absorption puppy training pads with 5 layers for American

cotton-like pulp, antibacterial agents, polystyrene, with deodorant factor applied, the highly absorbent pet care pad cen prevent spread of pet urine and effectively eliminate odors.

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Place of Orgin : China
  • Brand : GreenENQI(恩琦)
  • Whether OEM : Yes

Super absorption 5 layer puppy training pads in American 

Made of cotton-like paper pulp and macromolecular absorber, our pet care pad is highly absorbent of pet excreta with absorbency rate serveral times of its ow volume. It is also impermeable and non sticky. 

puppy pads.jpg


Packaging: small bag per pcs into outer carton, OEM service available as customers' requirement.

puppy traing pads produce.jpg

puppy training pads manufactory.jpg

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