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A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US

A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US
A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US
A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US
A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US
A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US
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Made of cotton-like paper pulp and macromolecular absorber, our pet care pad is highly absorbent of pet excreta with absorbency rate several times of its own volume. It's also impermeable and non sticky. Liquid can be quickly drained through the specially embossed surface. With superior antibacterial agent, it can deodorize and eliminate peculiar smell for a long time.

         A factory of best puppy training pads popular in US

Absorption test report of our puppy training pads

Introduction of best puppy training pads:

Trainings Pads for dogs can serve multiple purposes. If you've got yourself a puppy, they are a great potty training device. Or if you've got an older dog who can't hold it as long anymore, lay out a training pad to give your companion somewhere to relieve himself. So it become more and more popular in Europe,America and Asia countries.


The structurer of our best puppy pads:

1. Fluff pulp: imported from America,GAP Company.

2. SAP:  we buy from the best SAP manufacturer in China.

3. PE film: produced by our own workshops.

4. Non -woven fabric: produced by our own workshops. 


How does puppy training pad works?

The water absorption will be determined by the content of SAP,which is super absorbent polymers.The higher the content,the better the abosrption. It  means the price will be influcted by the SAP. If there is enough SAP,however there are 8 cups of water or more,the pee pads can abosrb it soon.And also even if the pads absorbed a lot,the surface will be dry.


How to use the puppy training pads?

  • Tile the pee pads on pet toilet.

  • Train you puppy to use pee pads and toilet.

  • It will abosrb the urine quickly and eliminate the odors.

  • Don't forget to praise you puppy when he use the pee pads correctly.

  • Please drop it away when it is used.

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Q1:What is your payment Terms?

A:We accept TT, L/C at sight, WESTERN UNION, 40% deposit+ private label bag plate cost if any. Balance 60% paid against copy B/L at sight.

Q2:  How about your delivery time?

A:  If buy our suppliable bag, about 10 days after deposit receipt. subject to our production schedule if buy private label bag, about 3-4 weeks for 1st order, after 2nd order, about 10days after prepayment receipt.   

Q3:  Can I get some samples ?

A:  Of course, my friend. We are glad to provide you samples for test. And welcome you to visit our factory.

Q4:  I am a big importer, have regular and big order plan, have any discount ?

A:Yes, dear. Discount is available based on better payment or larger order quantity.

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