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Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Kinds of Cat Litter

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Kinds of Cat Litter

Cat litter on the market can be divided into bentonite, wood chips, scraps of paper, crystal. All kinds of cat litter has its own advantages and disadvantages, so for different cats owners may be based on their own needs to choose their own cat litter. Here to give you some of the common cat litter market and its use of the effect.

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Bentonite cat litter

This is the largest type of catfish on the market, which is mainly caused by the nature of the cat. The meowers are used to dig their own holes when they are excreted. They have to bury themselves after their excretion. Therefore, the texture of cat litter is more Like (in fact, the wild planing pit used to o (╯ □ ╰) o).

Major brands: Meipeng cat litter. Meipeng cat litter is mainly natural broken particles, the amount of dust is very small, knot speed faster, in the bentonite type cat litter brand is a relatively high cost of a.

Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is mainly silica gel particles, the physical characteristics of its strong water absorption, if you do not consider other aspects, this is undoubtedly the choice of cat litter, but because the silica gel is easy to change after the water, and not easy, Cause meow star interest, so the use of crystal cat litter there is the use of waste, fade, easy to be cat and other shortcomings.

Major brands: Alice. Its products in the crystal cat litter market occupies a large proportion of the use of cleaning is relatively simple, but more easily fade or be eaten.

Wood cat litter

Generally made of pine or wheat straw and other raw materials, so be considered a more species of cat litter category of environmental protection. And sawdust cat litter water absorption effect is also good, the use is also more convenient, the disadvantage is that many cats do not meet the taste of wood cat litter.

Confetti cat litter

Ingredients: made of waste paper.

Advantages Cutlery Cat litter is soft sand, like grain size. In the deodorant, the paper cat litter as the size of the particles, the hardness and the general ore is almost, so it is not easy to smell out. Now on the market sales of litter cat litter generally contain activated carbon, deodorant also help. Because the particles are small, so the amount is small, although there is no caking, but after the wet will be gray, it is easy to identify, easy to clear. And can be poured into the toilet washed away, relatively simple.

Disadvantages: knot is relatively poor, so clean up more trouble, the amount is relatively large.



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