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Best clumping cat litter for odor control

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Best clumping cat litter for odor control
It's made by beancurd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch and vegetal adhesive additives, shape into columnar sand, less track and good foot feels for pet. It's clean flavor for good deodorization, no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, clumps faster and harder, scoop out clumps and flush into toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no work to dispose garbage,. A kind of newest eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.

Introduction of super absorbent cat litter

Super absorbent tofu cat litter is a upgrade product based on tofu cat litter. Through improve the formula,we make it with super absoroption and hard clumps. The improvement makes it clumps thinner than normal 

tofu cat litter and it is very easy foru cat owner to scoop the clumps out. To be important, the top layer of cat litter can 

absorb the cat's urine. The urine can be fully absorbed before it leaks into bottom. So it will not stick on litter box. 

Though Tofu cat litter is already very popular in United Arab Emirates, 

due to its high absorption, more and more consumers from United Arab Emirates begin to like this new product. 

If you are also interested in this new product, you can contact our product experts.


From above picture,You can see below streng strength of super absorbent cat litter:

  1. Super absorbent.

    The cat litter can absorb the water very quickly and the clumps is pie shape. The top part of cat litter can finish the work.No need bottom part of cat litter.

  2. Low consumption.

    As the clumps is pie shape, it means low consumption. The same quantity of cat litter, our new product can last for longer.

  3. Non-sticky.

    Even if you only put 2-3cm cat litter in litter box, it will not stick on bottom of litter box. No extra work to clean the litter box everyday!

  4. Biodegradable and flushable.

    Absorbent cat litter is a upgrade product of tofu cat litter, so it is also can be flushed into toilet or buried in garden as fertilizer.It is a eco-freindly products.


The specificaion of super absorbent cat litter,

Moisture: ≤10%
Scents: Original/Apple/Lavender/Lemon/Peach/Green tea...
Appearance: diameter 2-3.5mm, length 3~12mm, column.
Water absorption: 400%
Density: 500-600g/L
Compressive strength: 900G
20ml water agglomeratic test: good agglomeration with 35-40g each lump
Flavor:Natural scent,lavendor,peach,green tea,rose,active carbon and so on


Our Production Line



Q1:What is your payment Terms?

A:We accept TT, L/C at sight, WESTERN UNION 

40% deposit+ private label bag plate cost if any. Balance 60% paid against copy B/L at sight.

Q2:  How about your delivery time?

A:  If buy our suppliable bag, about 10 days after deposit receipt. subject to our production schedule if buy private label bag, 

about 3-4 weeks for 1st order, after 2nd order, about 10days after prepayment receipt.   

Q3:  Can I get some samples ?

A:  Of course, my friend. We are glad to provide you samples for test. And welcome you to visit our factory.

Q4:  I am a big importer, have regular and big order plan, have any discount ?

A:  Yes, dear. Discount is available based on better payment or larger order quantity.

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