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Best sell bentonite cat litter popular in Indonesia

Best sell bentonite cat litter popular in Indonesia
Best sell bentonite cat litter popular in Indonesia
Best sell bentonite cat litter popular in Indonesia
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Bentonite cat litter is traditional cat litter product,which is made of 100% bentonite clay.The bentonite cat litter has the advantages of cheap price, good absorbency, and solid clumping, favored by most cat owners.

Ball Shape Bentonite Cat litter by Green Pet

Ball shape bentonite cat litter is made of all natural clay, which can clump hard for easy scooping. The granues create a powerful bond to lock in moisture and prevent any liquid from getting to the bottom of the litter box. The litter is specially formulated to neutralize the odor quickly and is low tracking, so it will not be messy, and there will be no scattered litter traces. It’s hypo-allergenic to common allergens such as dust, plant proteins and fragrances.

Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. is a renowned leader in the pet products industry, dedicated to providing top-tier pet care solutions since 2014. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established a strong presence in the European, American, and Southeast Asian markets. Our extensive range of products, including cat litter, puppy pads, pet toys, pet food, and pet feeders, are highly esteemed by pet owners and retailers alike.


Best-Selling Bentonite Cat Litter – Popular in Indonesia

Our best-selling Bentonite Cat Litter has become a favorite among pet owners in Indonesia, thanks to its superior quality and performance. This cat litter stands out in the market for its exceptional clumping ability, high absorbency, and effective odor control, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a clean and fresh environment for both pets and their owners.


Product Features

Affordable: It is kind of cost-effective cat litter,the price is low but the user experience is good.Almost all the cat`s owners can afford it.

Hard clumping and high absorption: The perfect proportion of small and big granules will help to clump hard and absorb the urine quickly.The cat`s owner can find the used litter easily and scoop them out.

Odor control: The hard clumps will cover the urine firmly and eliminate the unpleasant odors and keep your house fresh and clean.

Variety of scents: Many scents can be customized.Such as Lavender,Lemon,Apple,Coffee,Baby powder,Jasmine and so on.The scent will help to cover the odors.




AppearanceGrey white granule
ScentsVariety of fragrances for your selection,such as Lavender, Apple, Lemon,Coffee,Baby powder,Jasmine,or customized as requested
Particle size1-4MM
Water content≦5%
Bulk density800-850g/L
DustLittle dust
Water absorption rate≥350%


5L,10Lplactic bags or 10kg,20kg woven bags or packed as customers requirement.

OEM bag service are available.

How to Use?

1. Fill the litter box with litter to a depth 5-10cm.

2. Remove the cat’s excrement every day.

3. Refresh the litter to keep its depth 5-10cm in litter box.

4. Do not pour litter into toilet.

5. Better to refresh all cat litters in the litter box once a month.


Company Advantages

Expertise and Experience: With over a decade of experience in the pet products industry, Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. is a trusted name known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

High Production Capacity: Our multiple factories ensure a consistent supply of high-quality products to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Global Reach: We have successfully established our presence in international markets, including Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, with a strong reputation for excellence.

Innovative Solutions: Our dedicated research and development team continually strives to create innovative and environmentally friendly products, such as our Duofu and corn cat litters.

Competitive Pricing: We offer high-quality products at affordable prices, making premium pet care accessible to all pet owners.

Certificatios&Factory: We have passed ISO9001-2000,owning to our strict raw materials selection and internal Control.

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Experience the difference with Green Pet Care Co., Ltd.'s best-selling Bentonite Cat Litter. For more information, product inquiries, or to place an order, please contact us.

Join the growing number of satisfied customers in Indonesia and beyond who trust Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. for their pet care needs. Let us help you create a healthier, happier environment for your beloved pets.

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Name: Delphine Sinclair        time:2024-05-22 14:44:57
I am very impressed with the Green Pet Care cat litter. It clumps very well, is virtually dust-free, and is super absorbent. My cats love this litter and I no longer have to worry about cleaning the cat litter box. Highly recommended to all cat families!

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