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Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE

Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE
Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE
Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE
Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE
Corn cat litter popular in EUROPE
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Corn cat litter
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It's made by beancurd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch and vegetal adhesive additives, shape into columnar sand, less track and good foot feels for pet. It's clean flavor for good deodorization, no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, clumps faster and harder, scoop out clumps and flush into toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no work to dispose garbage. A kind of newest eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.

corn cat litter popular in EUROPE

Eco-friendly corn cat litter for EUROPE

Clumping corn cat litter is made by feed-grade corn such renewable resources as main material, mixed with edible starch adhesives, calcium carbonate and deodorant, after semi-ripening,  then granulated, through sifting, further drying, finally vacuuming into columnar shape cat litter, less track on the floor. It's clean flavor for good deodorization, no-toxin, no dust, light weight, quick absorption, clumps tighter and faster, able to scoop out to flush into toilet and biodegrade within 15 seconds, no work to dispose garbage, no waste of the forest resources. A kind of newest environment friendly cat litter nowadays.

It is precisely because of its environmental protection, no pollution and no irritating odor that corn cat litter is quickly accepted and popular in Europe. If you plan to buy corn cat litter in bulk, you can contact our cat litter experts.



Corn cat litter Characteristics:


Corn cat litter contains 100% nature materials:

Made by feed-grade corn, semi-ripening and sterilizing, easy to store long.


Highly Absorption & Super Clumping:

The tofu cat litter can fast clumping when absorbing water in 1.5 seconds.

Utilize natural plant component and edible agent, nontoxic, no harm to pets even eaten.

Add the anti-bacterial components with good antibacterial function.


Less Tracking & Low Dust:

Granulated into columnar shape, not easy to take out by the cats paws and keep the floor clean.

Clean flavor for good deodorization and keep the air clean.

No dust, no problem of dust allergy.


Flushable into Toilet:

Strong capability to absorb odor and liquid, double effects as the similar product.

Biodegradable and recyclable, scoop out to flush into toilet or garden as natural fertilizer.


 From the above picture, it can be clearly seen that corn cat litter has excellent water absorption performance. The atomization and dispersion effect is strong, which is conducive to being explained by the environment and does not pollute the environment. Our large number of European customers favor corn cat litter, we know the future of corn cat litter

Corn cat litter Specifications:

Moisture: 12%

Smell: clean flavor, or added lavender flavor as customer requirement

Appearance: diameter 2.5-3.5mm, length 3~10mm, yellow column.

Water absorption: 300%

Density: 500-600g/l

Compressive strength: 900g

20ml water agglomeratic test: good agglomeration with 35-40g each lump



How to use corn cat litter?


  • Put one layer of cat Itter about 5-8cm onto clean ltter tray.

  • Clean garbage periodically to keep it clear.

  • If there are many cats,period can be adjusted.

  • Cat ltter that has fully absor-bed should be cleaned timely

  • When not in use,cat litter should be put at dry place


Certificates &Factory:

We have done BSCI, CTI, ISO certificate which reveal our good quality. 






Greenpet build a friendly relationship with customers at pet exhibation, Such as Interzoo, CIPS, Petfair asia.




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Name: nico        time:2022-08-11 14:52:59
corn cat litter is really good. clumping good, smell good.

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