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Different kinds of cat litter

Cat people are from field through human domestication, cat star in the field are sandy excretion place digging pit toilet. Now the domestic cat if taking into account the factors of family environment, in the choice of litter must consider the adaptability of the cat, but also taking into account the family environment and health, so the type of litter products for the needs of different users and produced many from the material, classification, characteristics, purpose, price gave the cat many slaves different choices.

As a cat, before the reception of the main entry, it should have a more detailed understanding of the litter, litter for a wide variety, from the later use convenient, acceptable price, cat accept different aspects. Litter is generally divided into bentonite cat litter, litter, litter crystal pine (including ordinary pine, corn, bean curd and other materials), such as a good choice for silica cat litter, the litter will be in the future for the cat star in the process to greatly reduce the burden of the cat, also can improve the efficiency of the use of cat litter.

Bentonite cat litter

The bentonite cat litter from the material that is suitable for most cats use, is the main component of bentonite clay particles, the texture is more close to the sandy, from nature, the cat is easier to accept. The bentonite cat litter is fluffy and dry, can quickly cluster forming in the cat after going to the toilet, smell and absorption cat excrement. The bentonite cat litter accounted for more than 80% in the proportion of litter on the market.

Advantages: good water absorption, knot fast, suction effect is relatively good, easy to accept the cat, and the market is relatively large, easy to buy.

Disadvantages: sandy material is relatively heavy, handling trouble, run out of the need to clean up after the litter with the garbage disposal, can not be rushed into the toilet.

Crystal litter

The main component of crystal litter is silica particles, silica gel absorbent, so the use of the relatively high rate of crystal litter, and cat urine crystal will change the color not only litter, cluster. Daily just clear the cat poop. When the cat in the basin after most crystal litter color can change a litter. But after all, is made of silicone crystal litter composition, cat acceptance is relatively low, and the crystal litter particles are larger, easy to play or eating cat cat, causing digestive problems, a certain risk.

Advantages: good water absorption, relatively easy to use, easy to clean

Disadvantages: cat acceptance, easy eating cat health effects.

love cat

Matsuki Eijisa usually use absorbent good pine, hay, corn, bean curd slag made of crystal material is relative to the litter healthier and stronger pine litter material in water, so the water sucking deodorizing effect is better. But the pine litter is easier to damp, in place for a long time easily in the process of the use effect caused by the discount, the use effect of the late poor.

The utility model has the advantages of good water absorption and deodorization effect and convenient cleaning.

Disadvantages: wood and other materials are not easy to accept the taste of cat litter, do not use easy to damp and bacteria, affect the cat health.

Tofu litter, soil litter. Is a kind of bentonite cat litter, add other substances, cheaper than bentonite cat litter expensive, so also will be together, the need for timely clean-up, but many environmental protection than bentonite cat litter. Moderate taste effect.

Bamboo litter. Environmental protection, is also a kind of bentonite cat litter, because the bamboo charcoal powder, so the effect is very good taste. Wet water will be organized, but also need to clean up in time.

The most important thing is to keep a sense of responsibility for pets, I suggest you dig dung first thought and then.

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