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Dog Training Pads Wholesale

Green pet care
Dog Training Pads Wholesale
Dog Training Pads Wholesale: Ensuring Cleanliness and Convenience for Pet Owners" explores the structure and benefits of puppy training pads. Green Pet Care Co., Ltd., a leading wholesale supplier, offers superior quality pads with excellent absorption capacity and antibacterial properties. Whether for potty training puppies or providing relief for older dogs, these pads save time, maintain hygiene, and enhance the quality of life for both pets and their owners. With a wide range of pet products and a commitment to delivering top-notch items, Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. remains a trusted choice among pet owners worldwide.

Dog Training Pads Wholesale: Ensuring Cleanliness and Convenience for Pet Owners


Dog training pads serve as versatile tools for pet owners, offering a range of benefits for both puppies and older dogs. Whether used for potty training a new puppy or providing a convenient relief spot for aging dogs, these pads have become a popular choice among pet owners. In this article, we will explore the structure of puppy training pads, the advantages they offer, and how Green Pet Care Co., Ltd., a leading wholesale supplier of pet products, excels in providing high-quality training pads and other pet care essentials.

The Structure of Dog Training Pads

Fluff Pulp:
The fluff pulp used in dog training pads is typically imported from reputable companies like GAP in the United States. Fluff pulp is known for its excellent absorbency, allowing it to quickly soak up liquid and prevent leakage.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP):
The SAP used in training pads is sourced from top manufacturers in China, ensuring high-quality absorption capabilities. SAP can absorb liquid and turn it into gel, effectively locking in moisture and minimizing the risk of leaks or spills.

PE Film:
The PE film used in dog training pads is produced in-house, ensuring quality control and reliable performance. This film acts as a waterproof barrier, preventing liquids from seeping through and protecting the underlying surfaces.

Non-Woven Fabric:
Similar to the PE film, the non-woven fabric used in training pads is also produced in-house. This fabric provides a soft and comfortable surface for pets while allowing liquids to pass through and be absorbed by the underlying layers.

The Importance of Dog Training Pads

Potty Training Made Easy:
Dog training pads serve as a valuable aid in potty training for puppies. The super water absorption capacity of these pads allows them to quickly absorb and lock in moisture, keeping the surface dry. This feature helps teach puppies to associate the pads with their designated elimination area, making the training process more effective and less messy.

Senior Dog Care:
Older dogs may experience difficulties in holding their urine for extended periods of time. Training pads provide a convenient solution by offering a designated area for them to relieve themselves indoors. This can be particularly beneficial for pet owners who are away from home for long hours or have limited access to outdoor spaces.

Hygiene and Odor Control:
High-grade antibacterial agents incorporated into training pads help eliminate odors and keep the house clean and sanitary. These pads effectively trap and neutralize odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment for both pets and their owners.

Advantages of Dog Training Pads

Potty training aid: For puppy owners, training pads are invaluable tools for teaching proper bathroom habits. By providing a designated spot for puppies to relieve themselves, these pads help establish a routine and minimize accidents in the house.

Convenient for older dogs: Aging dogs may struggle with bladder control or have difficulty holding it for extended periods. Training pads offer a convenient solution, giving older dogs a designated area to relieve themselves when going outdoors is not an option.

Superior absorption: The combination of high-grade fluff pulp and SAP ensures exceptional absorption capacity. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger dogs or those with higher urine output, as it prevents leaks and keeps the surface dry.

Antibacterial properties: Green Pet Care Co., Ltd.'s training pads incorporate high-grade antibacterial agents. These agents effectively neutralize odors and eliminate bacteria, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment for both pets and their owners.

Time-saving and hygienic: Using training pads significantly reduces the time spent cleaning up after pets. Instead of dealing with pet feces or urine on floors or carpets, owners can simply dispose of the used pad, saving them precious time and effort.

Green Pet Care Co., Ltd.: A Trusted Wholesale Supplier of Pet Products

Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. is a leading company specializing in the research, processing, and export of pet products. With several years of experience in the industry, the company has gained a strong reputation for delivering high-quality pet care items that meet customer requirements. Let's explore some key aspects of Green Pet Care Co., Ltd.'s operations:

Extensive product range: Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of pet products, including cat litter, puppy pads, pet toys, pet food, and pet feeders. This diverse selection ensures that pet owners can find all their essential supplies in one place, making their shopping experience convenient and efficient.

International market presence: The company's products are exported to numerous countries and regions, including Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. has established a strong presence in these markets, catering to the needs of pet owners worldwide.

Commitment to quality: Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. maintains a stringent quality control process to ensure that all products meet the highest standards. The company adheres to GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 audit requirements, emphasizing its dedication to delivering superior pet care items.

Environmentally friendly options: In addition to traditional cat litter options like bentonite sand, silica sand, and pine sand, Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. offers environmentally conscious alternatives. Their specially developed Duofu cat litter and corn cat litter have gained popularity due to their eco-friendly composition and effective odor control.

Stylish and affordable designs: The company's pet food bowls and toilets combine stylish designs with affordability, earning them favor among consumers. With monthly sales reaching 2 million units, these products stand out for their functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Dog training pads provide pet owners with a practical and efficient solution for potty training puppies and offering relief spots for older dogs. With their superior absorption capacity, antibacterial properties, and time-saving benefits, these pads have become a staple in pet care routines. Green Pet Care Co., Ltd., a renowned wholesale supplier of pet products, excels in delivering high-quality training pads and a wide range of other pet care essentials. With their commitment to quality, extensive product range, and environmentally friendly options, Green Pet Care Co., Ltd. continues to meet the needs of pet owners worldwide, ensuring cleanliness and convenience for both pets and their owners. Join us today.


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