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From the creation of a litter brand of the past 70 years, humans understand this magical creatures?

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From the creation of a litter brand of the past 70 years, humans understand this magical creatures?
Most of the cat will not be the cat when the beast to tune, although they are much better than the dog tame, but still want it to stay indoors, clean and decent, like a well-educated family members.

Most of the cat will not be the cat when the beast to tune, although they are much better than the dog tame, but still want it to stay indoors, clean and decent, like a well-educated family members.

To achieve this universal ideal, can not do without a thing called cat litter. Because the growing cat population, the size of these capsules particles, or simply into loose pieces of debris, sold in the world last year, 49.33 billion US dollars.

Considering that you may not have been a member of them, allow us to explain the peculiarities of this product:

Cat litter is used to collect cat excreta. Pour them into a medium-sized container - you can call this cat litter basin, to create a cat's habitual defecation environment. Just a few guides, the cat will find this place and the ancestors of the wild environment has a similar place. They gradually look here, no longer wantonly. After the end of the matter, but also freely dancing claws with cat litter to bury the excreta. This is the survival of the gene in the way, so as not to have tall and mighty animals found their whereabouts, small life is not guaranteed.

Flushable Cat litter.jpg

The following are the same as the "

But until 1947, no one thought it would be a good business.

Previously, most people used sand, wood chips or other landfill to build a cat toilet in the room. Cat urine protein concentration is high, the room will continue to be filled with strange smell.

Kaye Draper, who lives in Cassopolis, northeastern Michigan, is used to treat cat's excreta with sand. In a snowy day in January 1947, Mrs. Draper found that the sandbox was frozen. She made a mistake and tried to knock on the door of the neighbor. Neighbor son son Edward Lowe has just retired from the Navy, 27 years old, helping to take care of his father's wood chips business. He should think of the door when the trunk of the bag that bag of clay, the clay after drying treatment, was granular, according to his father said, there is a strong water absorption, adequate fire. Lowe suggested Mrs. Draper to try.

Draper's use of the experience should be very good, because a few days later she came to some. At least Lowe says that. Edward Lowe later liked the story: Edward Lowe took 10 bags of clay and wrote "Kitty litter" and went to a grocery store.

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The following are the same as the "

Edward Lowe is now the founder of cat litter, and 70 years ago that 10 bags marked "Kitty Litter" clay as the starting point of this business. At that time 5 pounds of sand only 5 cents, also can collect excrement. Lowe suggested that the grocery store would price 65 cents for these 5 pounds (about 2.25 kilograms) of clay, and could scare the owner of the grocery store. But as expected, the clay was sold for its water absorption, and Lowe set up a company named after his own name.

In the 70 years since then, cat litter new products, manufacturers change the law to meet the cat, and the different needs of the cat. These products also in turn stimulate the interest of people raising cats, according to the American Pet Products Association APPA public data, 2015-2016, the US family almost kept 85.8 million cats. In China, according to data provided by consulting firm Euromonitor, in 2016, there were 11.95 million domestic cats, but this number is still less than half of pet dogs, far less than birds.

Large companies also believe that pet care is a new growth point outside of human consumers. They are now the biggest occupier of this market.

"Your nose knows"

The sociologist's view was that, before the 1960s, people had only regarded pets as a harmless pastime, and they did not have much thought - to see the sand cat litter used at that time.

After that, things have changed significantly. The first is the rapid growth in the number of pets, pet food and cat litter, including products and services are growing rapidly. In the 1970s, the United States had 21 million cats. It was estimated that cat litter market value of 35 million US dollars, an increase of 35% over the previous year. It is hard to say that the two are due to the fruit, but it is certain that people in the care of pets this matter more than 20 years ago more considerate.

Lowe is the first person to write litter on cat litter packaging. But he also began to become dislike of calling these things "liters" (litter), which usually with garbage and debris mean. After the people specifically for the development and manufacture of cat feces for the product, not just by other things, more appropriate name, Lowe said, such as "cat box filler" (cat box filler).

These specially developed products began to take care of the unmet need. In the past, they only need to find a strong enough absorbent material to prevent the excretion of liquid do not seepage of cat litter just fine, and now, cat litter manufacturers want to tell consumers, cat litter smell has become more than ever Unbearable.

Unilever's Leighton also had a cat litter brand, Tabby Litter, who stressed that they had added chlorophyll to "control the smell".

Bleacher giant Clorox (Clorox) in the 1970s, is a cat litter of the big players, Edward Lowe have a sour yard that they are big companies, you can burn money. At that time, the company has just launched the use of new technology and new products Litter Green, which is the first to add alfalfa cat litter, claiming to be more effective in controlling the odor. After the high music "burn" began a large-scale advertising.

In 1971, a cat litter in Litter Green said that the smell would be too much to scare the cat away from the cat litter basin, increasing the likelihood of their excretion, because the "cat's sense of smell is more sensitive than people." "Your nose knows." (Your nose knows.) This ad says.

1985 Edward Lowe also began to invest money in the advertisers, the company in this year's advertising budget is 5 million US dollars. However, even so, these advertising ideas in the next few decades the most important theme is always the ability to control the smell, until now, this is the most important cat litter product features. In the 1990s, Purina's cat litter was rendered by the cat's sensitive to the smell, giving the cat a few facial expressions.

The following are the same as the "

The same is the Purina's Tidy Cat brand in 2001 when the introduction of crystal cat litter, the three cats in the ad to explore the difference between diamonds, crystal, and clay crystal cat litter complex new formula: clay water, crystal deodorant. 2014, Clorox's Fresh Step ad is the introduction of a love and hate of the partner dog, because he smell the smell, that cat disappeared and jumped up and down.

The following are the same as the "

Look carefully at these cat litter advertisements and you will find more secrets.

In January 2011, Clorox said in an ad with a cat that they did not like the smell of Church & Dwight's SuperScoop, like Clorox's Fresh Step. This is a bad rival, Church & Dwight sued them on the grounds that "the cat does not speak, and the cat's perception of the smell is very different from that of mankind, which is widely accepted by the scientific community "

However, the statement of standing on the cat's position has been rewritten in the marketing of most products - the cat must have appeared in the image of the person, the cat's perception and the people will not have essential differences. If buyers and users can be confused about it, give priority to buyers. In particular, they are also really hard to help users.

This kind of consideration in the 1980's cat litter advertising on the show. Cat litter manufacturers to strengthen the political meaning of the smell, it is not only related to cleaning, but also about the decent and the role of female imagination. At that time most of the appear in the cat litter ads are women, they are sensitive, and is the home of the daily necessities of the group of people.

When the doorbell sounded, the lady holding the cat was full of joy, and the gentleman with the bouquet had been waiting outside, but she suddenly remembered that the smell of the house was likely to destroy it all. At this point perfume remediation is probably the most stupid way, people cats a total of anger. Carol Channing, who starred in Broadway in 1949, "gentleman preferred blonde woman" has been the continuation of the play of the star, and finally dressed in diamond-studded costumes in this ad stroked a white cat, concluded that I Only trust diamonds and Litter Green.

The following are the same as the "

Is it more troublesome than shoal sand?

Odor is not the only trouble. It is hoped that the new cat litter product will be liberated from the cost of the cat, and the benefits of the companions will be attributed to the new discovery in 1980, which has led to a faster change.

Before the 1980s, the traditional cat litter needed to be changed until a biological chemist Thomas Nelson appeared. He liked the cat, and he found that a bentonite would become a group after absorbing water.

The following are the same as the "

Cat litter manufacturers embraced this new material quickly, and now the third largest cat litter manufacturer Church & Dwight in 1988 launched the Ever Clean. At that time the sales language has changed from "to taste", it is easy to clean: people only need to deal with solid feces as the same liquid excrement is also easy to eradicate, pour some new cat litter, and do not have to wait until the accumulation After the whole box cat litter are dumped together, put on a new one.

It is probably because the threshold of the cat is reduced, no longer very patient people can be hard to maintain a fresh cat sand basin and human living environment, the number of cats in those years grew rapidly. In 1985, the number of cats exceeded the dog and became the most popular pet in the United States.

A few years later, the sales of these new cat litter appeared a slight decline. The reason is that people have a security concern for new technology, argue whether it is too much to consider people's habits, and ignore the possible harm to the cat. These injuries from some of the cat's personal experience, they said the cat in the bowel after the habit of using the tongue to clean the body, which swallowed the dust of the cat litter, doctors also have those who have gastrointestinal problems in the cat excrement found that these will agglomerate Clay. Other opponents say that if the dust in the cat body knot, it may lead to dehydration, or urinary tract problems, but also cover the digestive tract ... ... the problem is endless, until the life-threatening.

Most of the controversy over the group cat litter comes from personal stories without scientific evidence. The only article published in the June issue of the Journal of Veterinary and Human Toxicology in June, on suspected Bentonite poisoning. But then the veterinarian expressed doubts.

Although the dispute did not receive effective support, but the brand side still think this is a small breakthrough, they took the opportunity to launch a "safer" and more expensive cat litter, including the use of grain, corn, tofu or peanut walnut shell as raw material cat sand. However, today the choice of these cat litter consumers may not be directed at the early years of security disputes to go, they may just feel that smell really good taste.

After the controversy in the climax of the past, to the group of bentonite or because it is easy to clean up has been selling well, especially those groups were particularly solid, not scattered dust. In 2004, 60% of the United States in the sale of cat litter is the type of cat litter.

But cat litter, as a thing to collect excrement, and can not completely solve the problem of human cleaning. Two evolutionary versions go farther than cat litter. One is the automatic cleaning of the cat litter machine. 2016, one of the brands of such machines Scoop Free took a suspense advertising, six or seven cats suspected cat feces priceless. In the past, mankind was full of joy, such as a bumper harvest, and now they invented the machine, the weekly harvest into the truck. Human beings probably take it to make clothes, when the gasoline, paste mask also privately traded.

The following are the same as the "

The following are the same as the "

But the ads will not show whether the cat is really used to such machines. In all product descriptions related to cat litter, only Church & Dwight gave the product's core function error data when suing the competitor: Only 6 of the 158 tested cats refused to use Super Scoop's cat litter And at the rest of the house.

Another novel liberation of human practice is to train the cat as a person on the toilet, this practice can be traced back to the 1970s. In 1991, a book entitled "21 days to a Litter-free Home" was published, and then the books and videos led a group of rejected cat litter Of the cat. Some of them wrote in the comments area of the sales page, through the supermarket cat litter containers, our family will laugh out, we no longer suffer from cat excrement, no longer need to spend money wasted.

The following are the same as the "

The seller vaguely aware of these extreme needs, in Church & Dwight's Arm & Hammer 1992 ads, the production of soda deodorant company also suggested that people imagine that if the cat can use their own toilet to clean up the excrement Good - soda deodorant has a similar fresh effect.

But even if the environmentalists are not optimistic about this approach, although cat litter in the past few decades contributed a lot of urban waste. "Most people will not choose to do so, not as innovative in the cat litter recipe." They said.

Pet consumers grow faster than humans, big companies come

Edward Lowe died in 1995 when he witnessed an increase in the number of rivals and improvements in cat litter. In the 1970s, he also dismissed Gao Le's product innovation, believing that people were more dependent on traditional recipes, and now he would not have said such a fool.

He succeeded in making cat litter a big business, 1989, kitty litter in the United States cat litter market accounted for 40% of the market share, annual sales of 150 million US dollars. The company also developed a new brand Tidy Cat. In 1990, he sold the old company to several investment companies for $ 200 million.


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