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How is cat litter invented?

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How is cat litter invented?
Litter has now entered thousands of households keeps cats at home, then how is litter invented? Without a cold was found in 1948, has created an annual income of $one billion industry.

Litter has now entered thousands of households keeps cats at home, then how is litter invented?

Without a cold was found in 1948, has created an annual income of $one billion industry. Yes, on this day, Ms. Kay Po Kasibolicun Michigan, the United States faced a problem: she wants to put sand in the cat's potty, but found that the sand pile has been frozen. Kay decided to use charcoal to try, but the bigger problem: the house is everywhere by toileting cat adhesive tape of the charcoal, the dark little footprints are a headache - apparently charcoal is not a good idea; Kay decided to use the commonly used sawdust to try, but the effect it is not very ideal. Finally, Kay to her old neighbor, Roy, Luo Yi home is coal, ice, sawdust supply company.

Hello! Wait a second! Sawdust supply company? This kind of garbage is also sold?

Let us digress about it, talk about it in sawdust. You may not believe it, but it does have market: sawdust can be used as industrial oil absorbing materials. Drop a little oil, sprinkle some sawdust in oil, so it is. However, sawdust and oil are afraid of one thing: fire! Roy therefore introduced a new oil absorbing material: a kiln burning clay, it has a name called "bleaching soil" (Fuller s Earth).

Now back to our story: Kay Luo Yi Jia Zhui wave came, looking for something to fill the cat bowl. She met old Roy's 27 year old son, Ed Roy. After the Navy retired ed worked in his father's factory, and was eager to expand his career. He sell chicken coop for agricultural bleaching clay materials, unfortunately. Ed is a good salesman. He has his own suitcase.

Next, I believe you know how the story will develop:

Although the chicken farmer did not buy his account, Ed or drum its glib tongue, let Kai believe bleached soil available in the cat potty, although he has not done so.

Kay became his new industry client. It wasn't long before she came back to buy the fine soil, and recommended to her friends who had a cat, and Ed, who came to see Ed to buy bleach, was growing. Then, he bleached soil filled ten bags, pencil and oil in these new product packaging to write down the name of commodity: Yes, he is written in litter (KittyLitter).

The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks。 This thing did not immediately rage; nobody is willing to pay 65 cents to buy five pounds of cat litter, they do not believe in the benefits of the product. So Ed began the arduous promotion, he is a family and to visit the local pet stores, pet shop owners will request free supplies cat people cat litter. Not long, who are willing to try the customers to experience the beauty, this product began to buy, and they are dumped in the cat sand bowl.

Over the next few days, ed traveled all over the country, took part in a cat show, visited pet shops, and expanded the popularity of the product. Cat owners finally fell in love with this product, litter history begins.

After that, a private investment group, known as the golden cat, bought the company in 1990 with an additional $two hundred million stake. Ed retired, with some assets to set up the Edward Roy foundation to assist the development of other enterprises. He died in October 4, 1995.

Have a good use of cat litter, people can keep a cat in the house, not afraid of dirty mess (regardless of taste). And related industries such as cat food, cat toys, cat supplies also came into being. Today, when the introduction of Roy clay litter is still the champion, has a market share of about 55%. At the beginning of the chicken material, has now become a $750 million worth of business to catch up with the 40% market is a condensed sand. The sand is made of clay or clay (attapulgus, named after the origin of the state of Georgia, Germany), such as clay, the absorption of cat feces will condense into a lump, easy to clean up.

In addition to a wide range of products. Almost any material can be used as using cat litter: silica gel particles, and fir strips into balls of newspapers, citrus, peanut shell, corn cob, wheat flour and so on, maybe someone can think about how to put the waste plastic is made of litter.

The original chicken house material, has now become the value of an annual output of 2 billion 500 million pounds, worth $750 million career, and even the exclusive Washington lobbyists. Some dirt into Jinshan feeling, and today, can let us have a cat at the same time, to maintain a relaxed environment of health Home Furnishing hero - cat litter, has become a life partner we absolutely cannot lack.


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