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How to training cats use cat litter

Kittens like to waste in dust or sand. If you guide them in defecation fitted with a litter box, they will be very happy to do so. If you start training it from just lifted the kitten home, it will immediately used litter. In this process, to find a suitable cat litter box and encourage the use of litter is particularly important. However, you cannot be used in the family dog training using cat litter cat. In fact, you don't need to teach a kitten how to do it. You only need to provide a suitable size, litter box can enter it.


Pick a large litter box. Even though they can get into very small boxes, they grow too fast, and you'll have to change them in no time. If you want to change the box, then you have to retrain the kitten, so it is best to start with a box that can be used for a long time.

Kittens can be drilled into the larger box, as long as the box has a short side, they can step into the good. If you find a particularly large box, not sure if your kitten will be able to climb in, you can make a slope with a piece of plywood or other well drawn board. With duct tape and stick it on the side of the box, when the kittens grow big enough to take it.


Consider using a closed litter box. Some litter box around or on top of a laughing. The litter box has two advantages: it can prevent the cat litter mining caused by litter overflow or leakage, two is to isolate the smell. Some cats will feel the litter box closed to make them more security concept. [2]

Ensure that the litter box closed space is large enough, the cat in the box can be turned to feel comfortable. Most of the cats will smell their excrement and buried them in the litter box after defecation, so need to provide enough space to let the cat to complete this action. [3]

Some of the cats in the guide will reject litter box closed early. You can move the box door to let it adapt to the transition of litter box.


Buy cat litter. There are many alternative litter on the market, generally suitable for young or adult cats (8 months or more in size). Try to choose a litter free of dust, which can avoid dust stimulation cat lung [4]. You can refer to the following points in the selection of litter time:

As far as possible the use of cat litter no fragrance. Whether young adult cats or cat litter, probably do not love flavor. If the smell is too heavy, they will consider using a separate toilet [5]. In addition, some scents stimulate the cat's nose and eyes, and cause respiratory problems.

Consider the use of cat litter can scoop up. Because it makes it easy to clean the cat's excrement. Note that the cat may be swallowed the cat litter, and will get sick. But there is no such thing. [6][7]

Universal and easy to buy cat litter. Some cat litter will tend to use the specific. If you change a litter category or brand, they may not understand, do not use such a litter box.


Buy a shovel and a cover sheet. If you want to train your kitten using cat litter, you need to buy a shovel to clean the excreta of cats, and spread a cover single in the litter box below, avoid litter spilled mess in your room.

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