How to make Tofu cat litter

2021-05-14 08:51:43

Manufacturing Process of Tofu Cat Litter

The manufacturing process of Tofu cat litter main include: Mixed raw material, Making pellets, Cutting pellets, Microwave drying, Cooling, Screening, Packing. 

1. Mixing raw material. 

Mixer machine mixing the raw material: bean flour, corn starch, vegetable adhesives, making

the raw material mix evenly. 

2. Compressing columnar sand.

Under the high temperature 80℃ and high pressure to compressed into columnar sand with

extruding machine. 

3. Cutting tofu cat litter particles to be suitable size. 

Cutting the cat litter particles to be length 3-12mm with annular rotary tool. 

4. Microwave drying tofu cat litter

Transfer the particles into the microwave drying machine to make the particles drying. 

5. Cooling & Screening. Putting the tofu cat litter particles on the stainless steel screen mesh to make cool, and

screening the suitable length which meet customers’ requirement with 10 minutes. 

6. Packing tofu cat litter. Transporting the tofu cat litter particles into the automatic packing machine to pack with required weight, then packing into outer carton.

What are the characteristics of tofu cat lite?

Tofu cat litter is not like tofu. It's just its name. The shape of bean curd cat litter is like a slender cylinder. The performance of bean curd cat litter is better. It can quickly agglomerate, has good water absorption, and can effectively gather the excreta of kittens together. Because it's easier to build up, it's easy for the feeder to find the excreta and clean it up. Bean curd litter can effectively reduce the possibility of kittens bringing litter outside the litter basin. Even if it is brought out, it is less, and it is not easy to break, so it is more convenient for the breeder to clean up.

Make tofu cat litter should have a good ability to absorb odor

Kitten's excrement has a certain smell. Pay attention to the air when feeding animals. It's easy to make the living environment full of bad smell when animals have bad smell. The faeces of kittens have strong odor, but this tofu cat litter has good odor absorption, which can reduce the odor of faeces. It can reduce the emission of excreta odor, which is conducive to the maintenance of environmental hygiene.

The raw materials of make tofu cat litter do no harm to the health of kittens.

Tofu cat litter is mainly made of bean curd residue or some other plant fibers without too many other ingredients. In order to enhance the variety of bean curd cat litter, a variety of flavors are also introduced for feeders to choose from.

Make tou cat Lite has no formaldehyde.

Many breeders worry that formaldehyde in cat litter will harm the health of kittens. In bean curd litter, you don't have to worry about this problem. As long as your litter is purchased in regular places and produced by regular manufacturers, this problem can be effectively avoided. There is no need to worry about some problems in the litter that are harmful to the kitten's health.

Make tofu cat litter easy to clean.

Tofu litter is easy to deal with after use. Some people will have a headache in order to deal with the used litter. It's troublesome to collect it and throw it away. Bean curd litter is not used at all. Bean curd litter is soluble in water. We can flush the used litter down the toilet.


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