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How to teach a cat to use the CAT LITTER?

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We want to tell you is that the cat is very clever, teach with litter very fast, generally two or three times the kitten will remember "Oh, I want to come here".

How to teach with cat litter


When the cat just holding back if you do not teach are basically anywhere, even pull in the litter box also is only accidentally.


So hold back a litter box to be ready, a door on the first holding the kitten, with its claws planing planing a smart cat litter, look to understand what is meant by.

How to teach with cat litter


Of course, some kittens will not ignore what you are doing, even after the teaching is still urinating everywhere. This time you have the education, (corporal punishment is not possible oh) words, meaning it is very serious to education, let him know that you are not happy. It is said that the cat's memory is relatively poor, so we must seize the spot on the spot education.

How to teach with cat litter


Education after take clean toilet paper to pick up the cat poop smell, then take it to the litter box there, let it see your poo into the litter box. Because the cat is a smell, so it is clear to tell it, your toilet is here!

How to teach with cat litter


Wait until the next time it just (when Kitty poo will call, and the tail will spring up, do squat like), put it up and put into the litter box, they then dig a few to see it, let it enhance memory. Several times down, basically will use the cat litter.

How to teach with cat litter


In addition, before the cat has NN and poop place, be sure to leave the taste of the removal, the daily words can be used orange peel.


Remember, the kitten litter must be taught early. If you let it idle for a period of time to solve the problem, the home is filled with the smell of the toilet, it will be confused, bad habits over time it is difficult to get rid of.

How to teach with cat litter


Matters needing attention

When the cat poo buried not good to go back to see it cat litter, it automatically poo buried

Try to put in a litter box is hidden, dark and less place to walk around

Another cat in the beginning after using cat litter should be rewarded, this will make it more impressive

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