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How to use a month to train kittens using cat litter?

Prepare cat sand tray. Prepare a fixed cat litter basin for the cat and place it in a fixed place at home. Cat litter can do it yourself can also be purchased in the market, and then in the sand basin covered with a layer of cat litter can be.

Familiar with cat sand dish. In the ordinary life, the owner to let the cat first familiar with the cat sand basin. There are three ways:

1. First you can catch the cat and then put it in the sand basin, then gently tap it on the head and ass, and tell it that's where it's going to go to the toilet. Although the cat began to know what you mean, but after training and understanding it will slowly understand and understand.

2. It is a good way to tell them that they are their toilets by climbing the claws of the cat in the sand basin and climbing them as the last hour of the toilet.

3. tell you a family recipe, is from the home of the elderly where the experience is said to be very effective, this method is: in the sand basin catch the cat, the cat's tail down three pull, while the mouth To say: "This is where you go to the toilet, to be good! After the toilet in this place to know it?

Master the law. Master the cat's urine time and law, the cat has not yet formed a good habit, to pay close attention to the behavior of the cat. Usually pay attention to observe the movement of cats, cats in general when you want to be more time to panic, will be heard everywhere, there is a more obvious feature is very like in the corner or the wall smell to smell, and some also Will be accompanied by a soft cry, this time there is a great possibility that they want to go to the toilet, the cat mother who want to hurry to small guys will be caught into the sand basin, the general cat if it is anxious if possible In the inside of the toilet, and this time the general meritorious service has become so! So found that the cat has signs of urine, to the cat in time to catch or catch a fixed sand basin, let it toilet.

Leaving the smell. Sand in the dirty to clean up in a timely manner, but also the smell of the cat defecation and urine taste left in the sand basin, so you can attract the cat to defecation. But after the first cat in the sand basin, then do not immediately put their products to clean up, to put some time, because the cat will smell the next time they will smell this is their toilet. It is also very important to remember that they will have to remember them in the cat. After a few times the cat will be used cat litter.


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