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How to use training pads for dogs?

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How to use training pads for dogs?
The market for dog pee pads is growing, so how to choose a suitable dog pee pad factory? In this era of endless factories, we should have a certain purpose to choose the urine pad factory, both quality and price should choose the most popular in our market, so the manufacturers of pee pad are all over the world, where should we choose the factory? According to statistics, dog pee pads made in China are well received in the market, both in terms of water absorption and price and quality. Then how to choose a suitable factory in China, please read on

How to use training pads for dogs?

Most of clients like to print above usage on the package,which can guide the consumers to use it correctly.

The method of using a dog pee pad can be divided into several steps. The following is a detailed and clear guide:

1. Choose the right dog training pad

Material and thickness: 

Choose a thick urine pad with good water absorption.

A thick urine pad not only has a deep touch, which helps the dog to deepen the foot feeling, but also can better absorb urine and avoid leakage.


Available Sizes:

Choose the right size of pad according to your dog's size.

As your dog grows, the pad should be adjusted accordingly to ensure your dog can defecate comfortably.

  • 17” x 24” (43 x 60 cm)

  • 23” x 24” (58 x 60 cm)

  • 23” x 36” (59 x 90 cm)

  • 30” x 30” (78 x 78 cm)


2. Train your dog to use a training pad

Define a training area:

In the dog's activity area, define a special toilet area and cover it with urine pads. This area should be separated from the dog's resting area to avoid confusion.

Observe the dog's excretion habits:

Dogs usually have the habit of smelling and circling before excreting. Once you find that the dog has these behaviors, immediately guide it to the urine pad.

Guide patiently:

If the dog excretes in an area other than the urine pad, do not scold it, but move its excrement to the urine pad, let it smell it, 

and then gradually guide it back to the urine pad to excrete. Repeat this process until the dog forms a habit.

Gradually reduce the scope of the urine pad:

After the dog gradually gets used to excreting on the urine pad, you can gradually reduce the scope of the urine pad until only 

one urine pad is left. Doing so can help the dog find the excretion location more accurately.


3. Maintenance and usage tips

Replace the urine pad in time:

Check the water absorption of the urine pad regularly. Once you find too much urine or the urine pad is dirty, 

you should replace it with a new one in time to keep the environment clean and hygienic.

Use training agent in combination:

Spraying defecation training agent on the urine pad can help dogs adapt to the new environment faster and 

develop the habit of fixed-point defecation. But please note that the use of training agent should be appropriate to avoid discomfort to the dog.

Pay attention to the dog's health:

You can understand the dog's health status by observing its excretion. If you find that the dog's urine color is abnormal, 

the number of excretions decreases or increases, you should consult a veterinarian in time.


4. Precautions

Avoid letting dogs tear urine pads:

Urine pads are consumables, but if dogs develop the habit of tearing urine pads, it will not only waste resources, but also threaten the health of dogs. 

Therefore, when using urine pads, make sure that the dog cannot touch it and bite it.

Store in a safe place:

If there are babies or other pets at home, the urine pads should be stored in a place where they cannot reach to avoid accidental ingestion or misuse.

By following the above steps and precautions, you can effectively train your dog to use urine pads and maintain a good home environment.

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