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Private Label Puppy Training Pads Manufacturer Hot Sale in Italy

Private Label Puppy Training Pads Manufacturer Hot Sale in Italy
Private Label Puppy Training Pads Manufacturer Hot Sale in Italy
Private Label Puppy Training Pads Manufacturer Hot Sale in Italy
Private Label Puppy Training Pads Manufacturer Hot Sale in Italy
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PE film, Super-absorbent Polymer,Tissue Paper
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Good Quality Private Lable OEM Manufacture of Puppy Training Pads Hot Sale in Italy with Competitive Price

Made of cotton-like paper pulp and Super-absorbent Polymer, our puppy training pad is highly absorbent of pet excreta with absorbency rate several times of its own volume. It's also impermeable and non sticky. Liquid can be quickly drained through the specially embossed surface. With superior antibacterial agent, it can deodorize and eliminate peculiar smell for a long time.

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Why private label puppy training pads is popular in Europe?

Puppy Trainings Pads for dogs can serve multiple purposes. If you've got yourself a puppy, they are a great potty training device. Or if you've got an older dog who can't hold it as long anymore, lay out a training pad to give your companion somewhere to relieve himself. So it become more and more popular in Europe.

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From above picture we can see that:

Disposable puppy training pad is super absorbent with five layers of material. The first layer is made of super thin hydrophilic non-woven fabric, which helps to sink dog urine through the pad.The second layer is a breathable absorbent paper with added attractant to train the dog into a good peeing habit. The third layer is consist of highly efficient water absorbing molecule and advanced fluffy pulp.The combination of two material are able to effectively lock the dog urine and prevent reverse osmosis. In addition, our fourth and fifth layer are designed for anti- leaking with a single purpose of absorbing it all with no leaking at all.

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The characteristic of puppy training pads:

1. Quick dry surface helps with anti- reverse osmosis to keep a long time

dry and comfort.

2. Build in attractant made it easier to train dog with using the pad.

3. Super absorbent core is effective with locking the water in therefore

maximize the capacity in urine absorbency.

4. Anti-side leaking ensures the protection for you floor and carpet.

5. Effective odor controlgives fresh air to your house.

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The production of puppy training pads

The production of puppy training pads typically involves several stages in a manufacturing process. While specific details may vary among manufacturers, here is a general overview of the production line for puppy training pads:

  1. Material Selection:

    • Top Layer (Facing): The top layer of the training pad is often made of a soft, non-woven material that is comfortable for pets to use.

    • Absorbent Core: The absorbent core is usually composed of materials like fluff pulp, SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), and tissue paper to efficiently absorb and retain moisture.

  2. Cutting and Shaping:

    • The selected materials are cut into the desired size and shape for the training pads. This process is typically automated using cutting machinery.

  3. Embossing (Optional):

    • Some manufacturers may choose to emboss the surface of the training pads. Embossing helps improve liquid distribution and enhances the overall performance of the pad.

  4. Sealing and Bonding:

    • The layers of the training pad are sealed or bonded together using heat, ultrasonic welding, or other sealing methods to create a cohesive unit.

  5. Adding Attractants (Optional):

    • Some training pads include attractants to encourage pets to use them. These attractants are often added during the manufacturing process.

  6. Packaging:

    • The finished training pads are then packaged for distribution and retail. Packaging may include individual wrapping for each pad or packaging multiple pads in a larger bag.

  7. Quality Control:

    • Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that each training pad meets the specified standards. This may involve checking for proper absorption, size consistency, and overall product integrity.

  8. Testing (Optional):

    • Some manufacturers conduct additional testing on their products to ensure they meet specific performance criteria. This can include absorption testing, leak-proof testing, and other quality checks.


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