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Puppy training pads wholesale in USA for dog indoor

Puppy training pads wholesale in USA for dog indoor
These disposable products are recommended for the protection of home
furnishings and flooring from pet incontinence or pet training accidents.
Have Your Dog Go Potty On Our Super Absorbent Puppy Pads - Not The

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Place of Orgin : China
  • Material : non woven fabric, tissue paper, fluff pulp, tissue paper, PE film
  • Package : bag, carton
  • Brand : GreenENQI(恩琦)
  • Whether OEM : Yes

Puppy training pads

Puppy Training Pad makes it easy to train and clean up after your four-legged friend. It is made with a six-layer composition for leak-proof protection, and its quick-drying gel provides immediate absorption to prevent leaking and tracking. 

Puppy training pads wholesale in USA for dog indoor


1.size:60*90cm, 60*60cm, 60*45cm, 30*45cm,40*50cm,60*150cm, or as customers'requirements.

2.good material five layers 

3. Super Absorbent and eco-friendly 

4.OEM/ODM is welcome

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Non-woven fabric,Tissue paper, Fluff pulp & SAP, Tissue paper,PE film. 

We produce now-woven fabric and PE film, so it can reduce the cost for customers.

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Delivery & Loading picutre:

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