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Tofu cat litter VS Bentonite cat litter

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Tofu cat litter VS Bentonite cat litter
Which cat litter do you like most? Tofu cat litter or bentonite cat litter? I believe each has many followers. Actually no matter Tofu cat litter or Bentonite cat litter, they both have their own advantages.Let's talk about tofu cat litter VS Bentonite cat litter today.

What is bentonite cat litter?

Bentonite cat litter is a kind of clumping cat litter made by 100% natural bentonite. It’s with superior water absorptivity, deodorizing capacity and adhesive property than the traditional clay. It’s non-toxic, environment-friendly cat litter nowadays. As one kind of economic cat litter, the bentonite cat litter is still the first choice for cat owners.

Bentonite Cat litter.JPG

Bentonite cat litter advantages

1.Super and quick clumping, easy to scoop, could keep remaining cat litter in the box is always clean.
2.Ultra odor control and anti baterial, could keep your air fresh and far away from disease.
3.99.9% dust free, keep you and your cat healthy.
4. Natural fragrance, different kinds of scents could be supplied.
5.Not any harm to cat and people, green environment and hypo-allergenic cat litter.
6.Reduce stress.
7.It's soft when cat step on it.
8.We add activated carbon and deodorant in the cat litter, strengthen adsorption and odor control capacity.
9.Choose the best raw material.
10.Cluster could be as fertilizer in the garden.


What is tofu cat litter?

Tofu cat litter is made by beancurd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch and vegetal adhesive additives, shape into columnar sand, less track and good foot feels for pet.Tofu cat litter is clean flavor for good deodorization, no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, clumps faster and harder, scoop out clumps and flush into toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no work to dispose garbage,. A kind of newest eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.

no odor cat litter.jpg

Tofu cat litter advantages

1. 100% Natural Eco-friendly and nontoxic, no harm to pets even eaten. 

2. Super water absorption≥300%, hard Clumping to scoop out.
3. 99.5% Dust Free, less track, long durable use life. Economical Usage.
4. Odour control, various color and perfume choice.
5. Flushed into toilet or garden as natural fertilizer.


There is up to 70% people prefer to bentonite cat litter, meanwhile, more and more cat owners tend to Tofu cat litter recently. We could say they are the most popular cat litters nowadays.

Tofu cat litter VS Bentonite cat litter  

If you are a cat litter dealer, how to choose?


Tofu cat litter VS Silica gel cat litter
Tofu cat litter VS Silica gel cat litter


I believe Tofu cat litter and Silica gel cat litter are not strange for cat owners or cat litter merchant. Actually they are totally different two types of cat litter.

Tofu cat litter pros and cons
Tofu cat litter pros and cons


Tofu cat liiter, a kind of plant-made,eco-friendly cat litter, receive more and more welcome among cat owners recently. As a fact, each cat litter has its pros and cons, so does Tofu cat litter. Let's...

how to make silica cat litter
how to make silica cat litter


As silica cat litter is a popular cat litter, many customers want to know how to make silica cat litter. I will show the production process.

how to make bentonite cat litter
how to make bentonite cat litter


How to make bentonite cat litter

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