Tofu cat litter VS Silica gel cat litter

2022-06-10 06:02:36

Tofu Cat Litter Introduction:

It’s made by beancurd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch, vegetable adhesives and deodorant, shape into columnar sand, less track and good foot feels  for pet. It's clean flavor for good deodorization,  no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, clumps faster and harder, scoop out clumps and flush into  toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no work to dispose garbage,. A kind of newest  eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.


Tofu Cat Litter Characteristics:

1. 100% natural, harmless if pet swallowed.  

2. Toilet friendly, flushable and biodegradable.  

3. Super Clumping, faster and harder  

4. Super absorbency, extra durability.  

5. Less track, keep home clean.  

6. No dust, protect pet respiratory tract.  


Silica Gel Cat Litter Introduction:


It’s white crystal granules with superior absorptivity, deodorizing and  antibacterial property. Main component is silicon dioxide, no toxin, no pollution, no odour,  can be buried after used, a kind of ideal household environment friendly product.


Silica Gel Cat Litter Specification:

Appearance: irregular crystal granules + 3% blue pellet or other colored pellet as requested. 

Perfume: no flavor 

Water absorption > 90% 

Content of SiO2: ≥98 % 

Bulk Density: 400-500 g/l;  

Pore Volume: >0.76 ml/g

Tofu Cat Litter VS Silica Gel Cat litter:

Tofu VS Silica.jpg

In summary, Silica gel cat litter has irreplaceable advantages, and Tofu cat litter as one kind plant-making cat litter receive more and more customers welcome, as well as good praise. Who is the best?For long run speaking, Tofu cat litter is in great potential to gain more markets.


Tofu cat litter VS Silica gel cat litter
Tofu cat litter VS Silica gel cat litter


I believe Tofu cat litter and Silica gel cat litter are not strange for cat owners or cat litter merchant. Actually they are totally different two types of cat litter.

Tofu cat litter pros and cons
Tofu cat litter pros and cons


Tofu cat liiter, a kind of plant-made,eco-friendly cat litter, receive more and more welcome among cat owners recently. As a fact, each cat litter has its pros and cons, so does Tofu cat litter. Let's...

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