Tofu cat litter pros and cons

2022-03-16 01:27:24

It’s made by beancurd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch, vegetable adhesives and deodorant, shape into columnar sand, less track and good foot feels  for pet. It's clean flavor for good deodorization,  no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, clumps faster and harder, scoop out clumps and flush into  toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no work to dispose garbage,. A kind of newest  eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.


Tofu Cat Litter Specifications:  

Moisture: ≤10%  

Smell: clean flavor, or added green-tea, lavender and peach flavor as customer requirement  

Appearance: diameter 3-5mm, length 5~10mm, column shape, natural, green, lavender and  peach colors available  

Water absorption: 220%  

Density: 500-600g/l  

Compressive strength: 900g  20ml water agglomeratic test: good agglomeration with 35-40g each lump

Tofu Cat Litter Pros :  

1. 100% natural, harmless if pet swallowed.  

2. Toilet friendly, flushable and biodegradable.  

3. Super Clumping, faster and harder.

4. Super absorbency, extra durability.

5. Less track, keep home clean.  

6. Low dust, protect pet respiratory tract.  

Tofu Cat litter Cons:

1. Due to plant material, Tofu cat litter go mouldy easily if moisture high.

2. In low dust 

3. The price is a little high than bentonite cat litter, not friendly for mutiple cat owners.

How to avoid the Tofu cat litter cons?

1. Pls keep the cat litter stored tightly sealed in a dry place after use.

2. No cat litter could produce without any dust, due to plant-made product, the low dust won't affect cats health.

3. About the price, I have to say, Tofu cat litter definitely the best choice if you want a plant-made product.

Are you a big fan for Tofu cat litter?If yes, i think the cons above won't a problem for you.


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Tofu cat litter pros and cons
Tofu cat litter pros and cons


Tofu cat liiter, a kind of plant-made,eco-friendly cat litter, receive more and more welcome among cat owners recently. As a fact, each cat litter has its pros and cons, so does Tofu cat litter. Let's...

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