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What is cat litter suitable for your cat?

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What is cat litter suitable for your cat?

What is cat litter suitable for your cat?

1 traditional bentonite cat litter has the advantages of traditional bentonite cat litter, low price, good agglomerate, strong water absorption, disadvantages of cover up the smell effect is strong: environmental protection is poor, a lot of dust, the traditional bentonite cat litter, agglomerate mainly by sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate group has more content better, but also to the problem the cat, excretion after, often by licking their own hair cleaning method, sodium bentonite, with licking into the body, a long time can cause endocrine alkaline, cause kidney stones and urinary stones and other diseases, what's more, I have seen the cat at the animal hospital of the ureter directly the bentonite cat litter was blocked, forced bladder irrigation in the hospital was too horrible to look at

2 pine sand advantages: less dust, rely on their own pine aroma, cover up the smell of non-toxic. Disadvantages: some wood sand not result in slower absorption encountered after the liquid, its aroma, pine, unable to completely mask the smell, can only use the double Cat Toilet, but to absorb the liquid after easily blocked sawdust toilet cat double filter, lead to successful clearance, so every time the cat poo after going to immediately clear, used to believe cheese, deeply felt it so the pine sand, while the safety but only suitable for boys often use lazy oh you don't want to

3 crystal litter is also called silica cat litter, it is a new and ideal pet waste cleaning agent, has excellent properties of previous clay litter There is nothing comparable to this. Using silica gel as litter in recent years is a major change in the litter industry. The main ingredient is silica, non-toxic and pollution-free, is a family of green environmental protection products. With the litter after digging buried can. The appearance of a white granular silica cat litter, some brands will be mixed with different colors of beads, and light weight, and low damage, can inhibit bacterial growth, the international market is the most popular cat litter products. The product on the market, immediately by the United States, Japan and other countries, the majority of consumers welcome

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