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What is the role of cat litter?

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What is the role of cat litter?

Cat litter is the owner of the cat for its cattle used to bury feces and urine objects, have good water absorption, usually with cat litter (or cat toilet) together, the amount of cat litter Cat litter, the trained cat when you need to be excreted into the cat litter basin will be discharged on top of it.

Cat culture is the most important progress is the use of cat litter, the early cat litter is mainly non-condensed cat litter, the main owner is to receive cat, but with the cat litter technology continues to progress, people are not limited to admission So simple, so they continue to appear now condensate sand, wood sand, and crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on.

General cat litter is the use of pulp labeled as small particles to simulate the sand and provide water absorption, but also the use of silica gel and other physical desiccant particles. Usually add deodorant / preservatives and other chemical products, cat liters encounter water will be condensed into pieces, although it is easy to clean but with a special recommended sprinkler. Most cat litter cat will come to the feet and take it to other places, so please pay attention to regular cleaning.


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