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Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland

Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland
Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland
Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland
Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland
Wholesale Silica crystal cat litter in Poland
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Silica cat litter is a highly active adsorbent material,usually prepared by reacting sodium silicate and sulfuric acid,and undergoing a series of post-treatment processes such as aging and acid foaming.Silica gel is an amorphous substance,insoluble in water and any solvent,non-toxic and tasteless,chemically stable,and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.

Silica  Cat Litter Introduction


Silica  Cat Litter is one kind of latest and ideal cleanser for pet and possesses incomparable characteristics in contrast with the traditional clay. It is in the form of white granules with light weight and low crushing rate and can restrain growth of bacteria. Its main component is silicon dioxide which has no toxin and no pollution, can be buried after application. So it's a kind of environmental protection product.


Main Characteristics :

1.High absorption, high speed

It can absorb dejecta, stale and special smell within several seconds; restrain growth of bacteria, keep clean and clear, as well as safe and secure environment; meanwhile, it can absorb air and water in the air to cleanse the air, thus the environment is well kept under good state.

2.Low dosage, long service life

One 3.8l cat sand can be used for one month for one cat.

3.Multicolor and fragrant, pet will like it.

Multicolor cat sand and various fragrant cat sand can attract pets a lot and accepted by pets easily.



Main Spec of Silica Gel Cat litter:

Size1-8MM or as requested

Appearance: Irregular white glassy particles

Water absorption > 90%

Content of SiO2: ≥98 %

Loss on Heating: ≤ 7%;

Rattler Loss: ≤10.0%;

Bulk Density: 400-500 g/l;

Pore Volume: >0.76 ml/g    

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What makes silica gel cat litter so good?

“Silica gel crystal cat litter is made from sodium silicate sand that is processed with oxygen and water. The result is a bead with tiny pores that allows it to absorb 

around 40 times its weight in liquid. 

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Application of Silica Gel Cat Litter :

1. Put one layer of cat sand about 1.5 inches onto clean cat sand box

2. Clean garbage periodically to keep it clear

3. If there are many cats, period can be changed: we suggest that one 3.8l cat sand can be used for one month for on cat, about 15days for two cats and 10days for three cats

4. Cat sand that has fully absorbed moisture should be cleaned timely

5. How to prolong applicable period of cat sand:

1)For application, cat sand should be put into ventilated and dry place.

2)Cat sand should be put at dry place if it has not been used.

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When packing silica gel cat litter, it's crucial to ensure that it remains dry and maintains its absorbent properties. Silica gel cat litter is highly effective in controlling odors and moisture. Here's a recommended packing method for silica gel cat litter:

1. Use Moisture-Resistant Packaging:

  • Pack the silica gel cat litter in moisture-resistant bags or containers. High-quality, thick plastic bags with a moisture barrier coating inside are suitable for preventing moisture from entering the packaging.

2. Sealed Bags or Containers:

  • Seal the bags or containers tightly to prevent air and moisture from entering. Airtight sealing is essential to maintain the litter's effectiveness.

3. Desiccant Packs:

  • Include desiccant packs inside the bags or containers to absorb any residual moisture. Desiccant packs help in maintaining the dryness of the silica gel cat litter.

4. Avoid Exposure to Humidity:

  • Store the packaged silica gel cat litter in a dry environment. Humidity can affect its absorbency. Store the bags or containers away from areas prone to moisture and humidity.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

  • Keep the packaged litter away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Exposure to sunlight can lead to condensation inside the packaging, making the litter damp.

6. Proper Labeling:

  • Clearly label the packaging with product information, including brand name, product name, quantity, and usage instructions. Proper labeling is essential for consumers to know how to use the product correctly.

7. Quality Control:

  • Implement quality control measures to ensure that the silica gel cat litter is of high quality before packing. Regular testing can help maintain consistency in the product's absorbency and odor control properties.

8. Protective Palletizing (for bulk shipments):

  • If shipping in bulk quantities, palletize the bags or containers properly. Use stretch wrap to secure the bags or containers on the pallets and protect them from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants during transit.

9. Regularly Monitor Storage Conditions:

  • Regularly check the storage area to ensure there are no leaks or environmental factors that might compromise the integrity of the packaging. Address any issues promptly to maintain the quality of the packed litter.

By following these packing methods, you can ensure that silica gel cat litter remains dry and highly effective in controlling odors and moisture for consumers.

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