dog traning pads

dog traning pads
dog traning pads
dog traning pads
dog traning pads
dog traning pads
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Made of cotton-like paper pulp and macromolecular absorber, our pet care pad is highly absorbent of pet excreta with absorbency rate several times of its own volume. It’s also impermeable and non sticky. Liquid can be quickly drained through the specially embossed surface. With superior antibacterial agent, it can deodorize and eliminate peculiar smell for a long time.

Materials: cotton-like pulp, antibacterial agents, polystyrene, with deodorant factor applied, the highly absorbent pet care pad can prevent spread of pet urine and effectively eliminate odors.



1. Disposable pet diaper can reduce house cleaning time and save effort for pet owner;

2. Save trouble for cleaning pet waste and create a comfortable living condition;

3. Besides daily use, it not only can be placed at bottom of cage or pet trays, but also during parturition;

4. When going out with dogs, the pad can be used in cages, cars, hotel rooms, etc.

1. Hydrophilic non- woven surface design, forming triple water locking system together with absorption core, thus can effectively absorb and lock the urine, always keep dry and comfortable.

2. Magical diversion layer, superior urine transmission and even absorption, effectively avoid lumping of absorption core.

3. Newly improved ultrathin absorbent core, much more instant absorption particles, and special core structure for absorption.

High ventilation base layer, instantly discharge stuffy damp, always keep dry and comfortable.

4. Independent effect: adopting bamboo charcoal hygienic chip, which is eco-friendly, antibacterial, deodorant, air permeable, highly absorbent, and can effectively eliminates odors of pet waste. By means of a series of strict medical test, it can effectively avoid skin irritation with dry and comfortable surface.


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