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Best seller bentonite cat litter

Best seller bentonite cat litter
Best seller bentonite cat litter
Best seller bentonite cat litter
Best seller bentonite cat litter
Best seller bentonite cat litter
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Bentonite cat litter is traditional cat litter product,which is made of 100% bentonite clay.The bentonite cat litter has the advantages of cheap price, good absorbency, and solid clumping, favored by most cat owners.

Activated Carbon Bentonite cat litter

Best sell bentonite cat litter introduction

It’s made by natural bentonite not only come into strong clumps but also have super absorption on liquid and best deodorization on odors. And it’s processed into ball shape.




best sell bentonite cat litter Characteristic:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • 1.High absorption.

    Bentonite cat litter can absorb the cat’s urine more quickly and cover it by themselves.It can cover the cat’s excrement firmly and keep the air fresh.

  • 2.Hard clumping.

    Bentonite cat litter is a clumping cat litter.It can clump together after the cat pee .It is not easy to come loose.This can help the cat’s owner find the excrement easily and scoop them out and dispose.

  • 3.Odor control.

    Variety of fragrances for your selection,such as lavender, apple, lemon and so on,it will help to cover the odors.                                                                                                                       

  • 4. Cost-effective.

    Bentonite cat litter is a cost-effective product with a lower price.It can satisfy most of the consumer’s requirement in the market. 


Best sell bentonite cat litter Specifications:

Size:  1-3.5mm/0.5-2mm

Appearancegrey white ball +3% red/blue antibacterial particle

Smell: no perfume or added apple / lemon flavor as customer requirement

Density: 800-850 g/L

Water content: <5%

Strength against pressure: (N)7

PH value: 8.5

Powder content: 1%

Water absorption rate: 200-250%

20ml water agglomeratic test: good agglomeration with 55--65g each lump

Best sell bentonite cat litter How to use?

1.     Fill the litter box with bentonite cat litter to a depth 5-10cm.

2.     Remove the cat’s excrement and clumps every day.

3.     Refresh the litter to keep its depth 5-10cm in litter box.

4.     Do not pour litter into toilet.

5.     Better to refresh all cat litters in the litter box once a month.

 how to use (1).jpg


bentonite cat litter PRODUCTION

production line.jpg

bentonite cat litter CERTIFICATE





Q1:What is your payment Terms?

A:We accept TT, L/C at sight, WESTERN UNION 

30% deposit+ private label bag plate cost if any. Balance 70% paid against copy B/L at sight.

Q2:How about your delivery time?

A:If buy our suppliable bag, about 15 days after deposit receipt. subject to our production schedule if buy private label bag, about 3-4 weeks for 1st order, after 2nd order, about 10days after prepayment receipt.   

Q3:Can I get some samples ?

A:Of course, my friend. We are glad to provide you samples for test. And welcome you to visit our factory.

Q4:I am a big importer, have regular and big order plan, have any discount ?

A:Yes, dear. Discount is available based on better payment or larger order quantity.

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