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Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer

Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer
Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer
Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer
Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer
Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer
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We are professional manufacturer in China and we can supplier many flavors of cat litter.We can provide you best service.

Clumping Corn cat litter in China manufacturer

Here is the detail characteristics to introduce for you as follows:

1. 100% natural Eco-friendly and nontoxic, no harm to pets even eaten.

2. Super water absorption ≥300%, hard clumping to scoop out.

3. 99.5% dust free, less track, long durable use life. Economical usage.

4. Odour control, various color and perfume choice.

5. Flushed into toilet or garden as natural fertilizer.


Clumping good and fast,kitty will love it.

How to use:

  1. Shovel out the clumping cat itter

  2. Filter other cat litter

  3. Pour into the toilet and dissolve quickly

  4. Regularly replenish cat itter


use microwave dedusting,no dust more healthy.clumping-cat-litter.jpg

using 100% natural raw material,soft and healthy.

Proven Customer Satisfaction:

Our Tofu Cat litter's popularity is a testament to its effectiveness.

Satisfied customers and contented pets are the drivign force behind our product's success.

When you're ready to provide cat owners with an exceptional tofu cat litter experience,

partner with us to introduce our best-selling Private Label Tofu Cat Litter to your market.

Elevate your brand, cater to your customers' needs, and enhance the lives of cats all across the Estonia.

Contact us today to explore how you can harness the power of this exceptional product for the success of your business.

What makes Private Label Tofu Cat Litter the best-selling choice in the Estonia?

- Our Private Label Tofu Cat Litter offers unmatched odor control, minimal dust, superior absorption, and extended lifespan.

These qualities, combined with customizable private labeling options, have made it a top choice among cat owners.

Is this cat litter virtually dust-free?

- Absolutely. Our formula is designed to minimize dust, providing a cleaner and healthler environment for both cats and their owner.

How does this Tofu cat litter control odors effectively?

- The advanced absorption properties of our Tofu cat litter quickly capture moisture and neutralize odors, leaving the environment fresh and odor-free.

Can you explain the Private Label program?

-Our private label program allows you to customize packaging and branding, enabling you to offer a unique product that aligns with your brand identity.

How does the absorption of Tofu cat litter contribute to easier maintenance?

- Upon contact with liquid, our tofu cat litter forms solid clumps that are easy to scoop, resulting in hassle-free maintenance and less frequent litter changes.

What sets this cat litter apart in terms of customer satisfaction?

-The satisfaction of pet owners and their contented cats speaks volumes about our product's effectiveness and quality.

How can I get started with offering this best-selling cat litter?

-Reach out to us to discuss how you can integrate our Private Label Cat Litter into your product offereings. We're here to support your business success.

Experience the difference that our best-selling Private Label Tofu cat litter can make for your customers and your brand.

Contact us today to learn more and explore the possibilities of offering this exceptional product in your market.

Top-selling Privated Label Tofu cat litter in the Estonia

When it comes to offering the best cat litter solution that resonates with pet owners  in the Estonia, our Private Label 

Tofu cat litter stands as the clear choice. With its outstanding features and performance, it's no wonder this product

is a favorite among cat lovers across the nation.


clumping fast and hard,it wont loose.


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