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Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia

Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia
Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia
Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia
Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia
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Our factory uses high quality food grade raw materials, the factory has more than 10 years of experience, can provide different shapes of different kinds of products, according to the needs of domestic and foreign customers to adjust. We are engaged in foreign trade to provide products to customers all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia has a large enough market, the demand is large and diverse. If you want to build your own brand, our factory is your quality optio.With its long shelf life, dental health benefits, and affordability, it's no surprise that pet owners are choosing dry dog food over other types of dog food.

Dog Food Sells Best On Southeast Asia

Factory-priced dry dog food is gaining popularity in Southeast Asia as it offers pet owners a cost-effective way to feed their furry companions without compromising on quality. Dry  food is a convenient and easily accessible option for pet owners who are looking for a balanced and nutritious diet for their dogs. Factory-priced dry dog food is a popular choice for pet owners across Southeast Asia as it offers an affordable, nutritious, and convenient option for feeding their feline friends.

OEM Dog Cat Pet Dry Food Factory Specifications:
1)No glycerin, salt, preservative, flavoring or coloring is added
2)High protein, low fat and calories, maintaining pet's health and fitness ,easy to digest
3)100% natural sources
4)OEM package
Cake dog food.webpOEM Dog Cat Pet Dry Food Factory Application:

1. Perfecting training and rewarding treat for pets
2. Suitable for all kinds of dogs, including pregnant dogs, sick dogs, postnatal dogs and immunity-weak dogs.
OEM Dog Cat Pet Dry Food Factory Analysis(Can be customized)

crude protein 

min 35%

crude fat

min 3%

crude fiber 

min 3%

crude ash 

max 5%

calcium powder 

min 5%

phosphorus acid

min 0.01%



OEM Dog Cat Pet Dry Food Factory Storage:

1. Please avoid sunshine, high temperature and dampness.

2. Please use it up as soon as possible after open.

OEM Dog Cat Pet Dry Food Factory Packing:
Transparent Bags (with head carder/ label)/ Colorful Bags/ Display Box/ Outer Cartons or as your demands(OEM Design Package)


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