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Parrot Food Mealworms Natural Bird Feed Dried mealworm Pet Food

Mealworms are an excellent food source for many wild bird species
They closely resemble natural foods found in the wild
Dried mealworm contain no additives, just locked in natural goodness an nutrients
Highly nutritious, containing a minimum of 25% fat and 50% crude protein
High energy rating

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Place of Orgin : China
  • Brand : GreenENQI(恩琦)
  • Whether OEM : Yes

Parrot Food Mealworms Natural Bird Feed Dried mealworm Pet Food



1,Nutrition element :protein 56.58%,fat 28.20%,fiber 5.65%.
2,Dried mealworm,it can be fed all year round.
3,We have breeding farms,with high quality ,low price .
4,We are expricened suppliers,with good reputation, on time delivery.
5,Nature's Microwave dried mealworms attract a variety of birds ,such as redbreast, wren, bird, etc


Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor, a species of darkling beetle. Larvae typically measure about 2.5 cm or more.Our product provides an excellent meal source and a high energy treat for many species of birds as well as chickens reptiles fishes,etc,can feed pet all year around


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