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Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia

Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia
Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia
Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia
Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia
Puppy training pads best water absorption odor control popular in Russia
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Made of cotton-like paper pulp and macromolecular absorber, our pet care pad is highly absorbent of pet excreta with absorbency rate several times of its own volume. It’s also impermeable and non sticky. Liquid can be quickly drained through the specially embossed surface. With superior antibacterial agent, it can deodorize and eliminate peculiar smell for a long time.

Trainings Pads for dogs can serve multiple purposes. If you've got yourself a puppy, they are a great potty training device. Or if you've got an older dog who can't hold it as long anymore, lay out a training pad to give your companion somewhere to relieve himself. So it become more and more popular in Europe,America and Asia countries.


What is the structure of puppy training pads?

Usually there are 5 layers of puppy training pads. The content of SAP decided the water absortion.The high content, the better water absorption.There are also 4 stickers at corners of pads which can stick the pads on floor.

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The application scenarios for puppy training pads, also known as pee pads, include:

  1. House Training Puppies: Puppy training pads are widely used to house train puppies. They provide a designated spot for puppies to urinate indoors, helping them learn where it's appropriate to go to the bathroom.

  2. Apartment Dwellers: People living in apartments or high-rise buildings, where taking a puppy outside frequently might be challenging, use training pads as a convenient solution for their pets' bathroom needs.

  3. Senior or Injured Dogs: Older dogs or dogs recovering from injuries may have difficulty going outside in a timely manner. Puppy training pads offer a practical solution for their bathroom needs when going outdoors is not possible.

  4. Pet Owners with Busy Schedules: Individuals with busy work schedules or those who cannot come home frequently during the day can use training pads to ensure their puppies have a place to relieve themselves when nature calls.

  5. Bad Weather Conditions: During harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowstorms, or extreme cold, it may be uncomfortable or unsafe for both the pet and the owner to go outside. Puppy training pads offer a convenient alternative during these situations.

  6. Training Small Breeds: Small dog breeds have small bladders and may need to relieve themselves more frequently. Training pads provide a convenient and accessible option for small dogs to go to the bathroom indoors.

  7. Preventing Accidents: Training pads are useful in preventing accidents and maintaining cleanliness in the house. They absorb urine effectively, keeping the surroundings clean and odor-free.

  8. Traveling: When traveling with a puppy, especially on long journeys, having training pads can help avoid accidents inside the car or temporary accommodations. They provide a familiar spot for the puppy to use as a bathroom away from home.

  9. Training in Specific Rooms: Puppy training pads are often used in specific rooms or areas of the house where accidents are more likely to happen, such as near the puppy's crate or sleeping area.

Overall, puppy training pads offer a convenient and hygienic solution for pet owners in various situations, making the process of house training easier and more manageable.

How to use the puppy training pad?

Most of clients like to print above usage on the package,which can guide the consumers to use it correctly.


Attention in usage of Puppy training pad:

The owner need to guide your puppys to use it.When your puppy use it correctly,you should give him a reward.Repeat it several times,the puppy can use it correctly.

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