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Red Broom Corn Millet for Budgie Food

Red Broom Corn Millet for Budgie Food
It is important for budgies to eat a rich and varied diet in order to prevent any deficiencies from arising.Aside from fruit and vegetables, seeds is an important staple in their diet. You are sure to find the perfect choice for your pet in our wide variety of budgerigar and parakeet foods.

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Place of Orgin : China
  • Material : Natural Seeds
  • Package : small bag, woven bag, as customer requirement
  • Prodcut Name : Red Broom Corn Millet for Budgie Food supplier
  • Brand : GreenENQI(恩琦)
  • Whether OEM : Yes

Red Broom Corn Millet for Budgie Food

Millet is a complete food for budgies and other small parakeets.

Concentrated feed specially developed for seed-eating budgies/small parakeets, canaries, and exotics. To meet the high energy 

requirements of these birds.

Package: 25kg/50kg in one bag, or as customers requirement.


Moisture: 16% max.

Admixture: 1% max.

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