tofu cat litter popular in Italy

tofu cat litter popular in Italy
tofu cat litter popular in Italy
tofu cat litter popular in Italy
tofu cat litter popular in Italy
tofu cat litter popular in Italy
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Tofu cat litter becomes more and more popular in Europe,Because it is a kind of eco friendly products,which is biodegradble and flushable.It is also good at elminate odors and a good absorption on urine.

As the price of crystal cat litter keeping rising,the production capacity are full for all factories in china.More and more customers like to order the tofu cat litter instead.They also found that this product surprised them.Compared with crystal cat litter, the price of tofu cat litter is stable and the supply is sufficient.To be important,the using effect is beyond their expection.Today let's see its strength compared with the crystal cat litter.

How is the current situation of tofu cat litter?

As the chinese goverment took some policies to limit the electricity,all factories for crystal cat litter can't buy the materials.For tofu cat litter,though it also was effected by the policy,we still can buy enough soybean residue(the main material of tofu cat litter).The supply is sufficient and the price is relatively stable.So all customers needn't worry that they can't buy it from the factory.

What are the strength of tofu cat litter?

Compared with crystal cat litter,tofu cat litter is a real eco friendly product.It is biodegradable and flushable.The consumers can bury it in the garden as a fertilizer,they also can flush it in the toliet.The tofu cat litter can dissolve very quickly in water and they can't clog the toliet.

Tofu cat litter also have a good water absorption as crytal cat litter.It can absorb the urine in few seconds and clumping. For crystal cat litter,it is really difficult for cat owner to scoop out the used litter.but tofu cat litter can be easliy scoopped.BecauseThe used litter can clump together.

Tofu cat litter with scented also can can cover the smell of urine.Just like the crystal cat litter,it will not produce the unpleasant smell of urine. But it is not good at deodorizating,if the cat pooped, the cat owner need scoop them out as soon as possible.

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How about the cost-effective of tofu cat litter?

As the price of crystal cat litter keep rising,it is very cost-effective to use tofu cat litter now.Pay the same price, the consumers can use a longer time if they choose the tofu cat litter.Especially they don't need to change their habit,because the tofu cat litter is supported by chinese government,we can ensure a sufficient supply for a long time.

The flavor of tofu cat litter can be costomized,the customer can select the popular flavor in your local market.


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