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yellow mealworm contains many minerals birds food popular in Europe

Tenebrio molitor, commonly known as breadworm, is a succulent mollusk. Although it is a pest in storage, it is known as a "protein feed treasure house". The protein content is as high as 50% to 60%, the fat content is 30%, and it contains a variety of minerals and 16 amino acids required for animal growth. The nutrient content ranks first among all kinds of feed, and it is a high-quality feed for raising poultry, snakes, birds and aquaculture.

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Place of Orgin : China
  • Brand : GreenENQI(恩琦)
  • Whether OEM : Yes

Yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)

contains many minerals e.g. phosphorus,potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum etc. and various microelement, also with 16 kinds essential amino acids for animal growth, each 100g dried mealworm contains amino acid up to 847.91 mgs, protein content up to 50-60%, fat content up to 30%, its nutrient composition stands top one among kinds of animal feed. Thus microwave dried or freeze dried mealworm is easy to store as superior food for poultry, birds, snakes and aquatic animal etc. 



in 80/100/200/400/ 500/800/1000g small bag in outer carton as customers’ requirement

 in 100/200/400/800g plastic drum in outer carton as customers’ requirement

 in 2x5kg bulk bag in outer carton as customers’ requirement

Storage conditions: in ventilated and dry place by pallet



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