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Bentonite cat litter is traditional cat litter product,which is made of 100% bentonite clay.

The bentonite cat litter has the advantages of cheap price, good absorbency, and solid clumping, favored by most cat owners. 

We have super clumping sodium bentonite cat litter, almost dust free and super clumping effect. And, we also has different sizes of ball shape bentonite cat litter, crushable bentonite cat litter for your choice, and provide the bentonite cat litter with different scent and various kinds of customized packing ways.

Activated Carbon Bentonite cat litter test

The video shows that our bentonite cat litter has good water absorption. Bentonite cat litter of the same grade has great advantages.

We have obtained a bentonite mine of our own, thus could provide customers with low factory price bentonite cat litter with higher quality. More detailed specification and documents could be provided if you are interested in our company.

OEM Bentonite cat litter, low dust test

Our bentonite cat litter has almost no dust and will not cause pollution.

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